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Soft Like Snow

by Orit Shimoni

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Time's Up 03:42
Time's up, hiding's over, it was on the news, we are counting down, It'd dark out, except blue screens, and the hum of this fridge's louder than the whole town, And you say, 'Declare your mission," Well, it's hard to rev up for a one woman show, And it's all just intuition, and I've been so wrong before. I'm someplace lonely, and it's hard to explain except to those who understand, The weight's on my shoulders, my heart is in shrouds and the reasons keep on giving, and you say, "Count all your blessings," Well I guess I'm just the disattisfied type, and you say, "Look at your progress," but it's all just hype, it's all just hype. And you say, "Declare your purpose," Well I would if I could, but I'm not really sure if this is real, or just a rehearsal, and the crowd that I want never shows.. Pack up my letters, they were all pretty good but they are safer unsent, There's no destination that doesn't require some of your soul for rent.
When you have to pay, To pay for all the debts you've collected, And you've gotta look time in the eye for all the things you've neglected, Will there be love? When you hear a voice inside that bids you, "go" and you think, "if I don't go now I'll never know," Will there be love? Will there be love? I, with feet on the earth and head in the sky, I want to know what the end will be, but I don't have the vision, I can't see, When you're left alone at the foot of your throne, with no words to say, will you admit you never did know that way, Will there be love? Will there be love? Will a gentle and comforting hand reach down from above? Will there be love?
There's a cold air coming through the window, It sends a chill, Or is it my heart that's still thirsting for a thrill, Those memories aren't fading, nor are they farther between, I move along forward and yet backwards I lean... I read those blogs and on-line articles that talk of grief, They offer templates of thinking, but really no relief, I miss you so, if I ever let it go, it's gonna be little by little, and soft like snow. Those smiling eyes, so readily there, When I seem them in my mind's eye I always say a prayer, I hope you're living some kind of good path, I hope you've worked through some of that wrath, I'm truly sorry for every wrong turn, and for a chance to apologize my entire soul burns, I still love you, if I ever let it go, It's gonna be little by little, and soft like snow.
Those Things 03:14
Those things that remind me of you, are more many than few, Those things that stir up your ghost seem to come up the most, Those things that remain in the trace, are still so full of grace, And it makes me blue 'cause I don't know what to do with those things that remind me of you, Well I go looking for an answer, and an answer I might find, And I get lost inside a memory, and I think I'm doing fine, They tell me that it's over, and I know it's true, But it makes me blue 'cause I don't know what to do with those things that remind me of you.
The danger is over now, everything's fine The bad storm has passed, and still you're not mine, I could not save you, though I tried and I tried, and if I could turn wine into water, then I'd be satisfied Miracles come, and miracles go, What can you do, but go with the flow, They were your angry fists that set the tone, and if I could turn wine into water, you would not be alone And I pray to the devil who gives you the thirst, to step out of the way and let us come first, Well I'd give anything for your peace of mind, and if I could turn wine into water, a path to you I'd find You've got plenty of reason why you need calming down, it's not hard to point at why the world brings you down, but there's life in your blind spot that I wish you could see, and if I could turn wine into water, I'd come back and set you free And I pray to the devil who gives you the thirst to step out of the way and let us come first, Well, I'd give anything for your peace of mind, and if I could turn wine into water, I wouldn't lose my mind, If I could turn wine into water, I'm sure you would be fine.
I've got this room to myself now, and dear God it's been so long, I've got the t.v. on with no sound, it helps me face the silence with a casual skinnod, hey, at least I'm not alone, the world's still out there, I'm still breathing, Though I've been feeling my old bones, I've come this far in numbers, and I've come this close to some, and if I could think instead of sleeping, I'd think on each and everyone how much love squeezes, causing a contraction, and if I weren't so busy dreaming, I'd spring myself to action, but I've got this room to myself now, and dear God it's been so long, and I don't know if I'm staying or if I am to continue seeking on but I'm so grateful, and it's been pleasing, and I've been crying my fair share, but somehow it's all been pleasing, And I've come this far in answers, and I've come so close to the question, and if I could conjure all day long I'd not run out of imagination, but I should have warned you that I would want this more, I should have followed your advice and never started this whole war but I came asking, and you put your foot down, and now I'm slumped in the arms of other strangers with thoughts that spin out in all directions, and it's not that I'm ungrateful, and yeah, it's been pleasing, and though I've been crying my fair share, I never stopped believing, Well it makes me tired, but it also makes me smile I've got a hundred thousand stories for each and every single mile and you would like them, at least, I think you would, but in going out to get them, I had to leave for good, and you don't want me now, well, that's a given, You never really did, it was me who was so driven, and that's what hurts, I never got to win, and all the while we knew it, and still we tried not to cave in til the pressure built, and everything erupted, and it was ugly, and so we parted, and I've got this room to myself now, and dear God it's been so long and as soon as I hit solitude, it's always the same song of you, And now I've come back from the haunted other side, with equal scars and medals, with equal guilt and equal pride, so I may bide now, I may just tuck away, and fall back into the type of seeking that can only be found in my own damn head, I will keep breathing, I will not leave you, or if nothing else, I promise you I never shall deceive you, for to create a deception, you must have a plan, and me - as soon as I have anything, some other one's begun.
I remember you well, playing Chelsea Hotel, Your hair was all curly, like Dylan's, Your accordion keys sat on torn, faded knees, and your instrument case it said, "Please." And the chords were familiar, the melody known, As I walked by, so you wouldn't be alone, I let my voice ring out through yours, with a harmony line that made me want more, I kept on walking, but my head turned around, so our eyes could acknowledge the heavenly sound, And our smiles just beamed, and it could last forever it seemed, I kept on, but I thought about turning, and my indecision still leaves me burning. Well it's true, I can't keep track of each fallen robin, and the thought of you won't keep me up sobbing, but I remember you well, playing Chelsea Hotel, and I wish I'd have stayed for the song, And thinking about who you might be, is dangerous, gorgeous, and wrong.
Fool 03:07
What are you crying for? You got a couple visits to the beach before the war, and that's more than some people get, a chance for peace with no regret, fool to think that it could last - What are you crying for? As if your tears of urgency can stop the war, Your sentimental mind has you convinced you're kind, fool to think you might not kill, if someone nearby wanted your blood spilled - But oh, how my heart grows wild, when I remember that poor child, He was one of ours, by that I mean an innocent whom the machine devours, What did you think? That I meant all those awful borders drawn in blood and ink? Fools to think it's worth the blood of children. They do it out of fear, not love, They say it's love commanded from above, it isn't love - it's fear. Stop crying now, and dry your tears, what are you complaining for? Hey, you survived another day.
Martha come quick, I think I saw the sign, as if from above, I need to go, Get the kids, I know that it's hard to leave, but Martha, you're with me or not... Henry, why'd you have to get this way? We were doing ok for so long, but it's cold out there and I've got nowhere else to go, so you know that I'm with you, The kids aren't too frightened, the little one's sleeping, the older one's watching the world go by, and my heart, it aches for the scars we might make, but keep driving, keep driving on... Mum and Dad, they'll never understand, though sometimes I think they do, They've gotta know I must in this one thing trust, They've gotta know that I'm with you now
I know that I play the tough one, Well, you've long seen through that, I believe, You watch me go elsewhere to triumph, and then crawl home to grieve, And I know you've tried hard to warn me that you can never really break free, So spend a little time with me. It's been a long road to nowhere, days sleeping in, feeling lost, it's getting hard not to wonder how precious is the cost, And I know you try hard to please me, well it's easy when I'm free, Just spend a little time with me, I know you hate to see me running, but it's not from you, it's just when I surrender, I'm more likely to be feeling blue I know you tried hard to warn me, that you can never really break free, So spend a little time with me.


Orit Shimoni’s tender new album Soft Like Snow, released on German label MW-Music, marks the seventh release for the Canadian/Israeli singer-songwriter. Maintaining an international touring regime and with no fixed address, Orit began working on the project two years ago in Berlin, with producer and label owner Gogo Mamasweed, whose approach asked for less of an intentional performance, and more for an intimate telling of her songs. The result is a haunting, breathy and rather vulnerable rendition of ten new songs that speak volumes on love, war, loss, memory, and hope.
Wanting both minimalism and a unique atmosphere, Gogo recruited a couple of the colourful characters of Berlin, Francesco Tonial (Lord Mouse and the Kalypso Kats, A Pony Named Olga), and Earl Havin, to play woodwinds and percussion respectively, while he himself contributed guitar, backing vocals and pedal steel, with creative and tasteful effects. Soft Like Snow has a delicate and somewhat surreal backdrop that weaves in and out of the album, countering and complementing the grounded rawness and closeness of Orit’s vocals. It is also the first album to unveil three of Orit’s piano songs, an instrument she began to teach herself in the past few years while living on the road, and which tap into a style and tradition of song she, until this album, had not yet explored.
Soft Like Snow is sure to please listeners who seek to be sonically soothed, while Orit’s signature thought-provoking lyrics reveal themselves to those who choose to dive in deep.


released October 6, 2016

All songs written and composed by Orit Shimoni

Vocals, guitar and piano: Orit Shimoni
Clarinet and additional piano: Francesco Tonial
Percussion: Earle Havin
Additional guitars, bass, pedal steel and effects: Gogo Mamasweed

Produced by: Gogo Mamasweed


all rights reserved



Orit Shimoni

Orit has toured internationally for over a decade. With 12 highly acclaimed albums, she has a substantial, devout, and diverse following. Known for her intelligent and accessible song-writing and her mesmerising voice. Her sets span themes and styles that transport listeners into and out of themselves. A seasoned writer and performer Orit Shimoni is a unique and vital voice in these times. ... more

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